UE-32155 bug still not resolved. (File organization upon import)

Still not able to maintain file structure when importing via click and drag into content browser. Bug I’m referring to is found here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-32155).

This is a major hindrance when importing large asset packs and trying to resize. Either you place your asset folder into the project folder only to find that clicking “import all” doesn’t work and you have to click it for each individual asset (for me that’s over 4,000 for this one pack, not going to happen) in order to fully import; or you click and drag your asset folder directly into the content browser only to find that you can “import all” and resize all properly, but it won’t keep your asset folder structure/organization and will simply place all assets into the content browser. So you’re screwed either way.

So in the above link, that bug report is false because the issue has not been fixed.

Hey Jarek Defiler,

It looks like you’re working in 4.14 based on your product version. If you take a look at the public issues page, the target fix is 4.15. So in order to have the fix, you’ll need to either integrate the fix CL into your engine (if you are using a source build) or upgrade a copy of your project to 4.15 and work on that.

Have a great day

Awesome, my mistake. Thanks for the quick reply!