UE-29297 Building Grass Map toast stays up forever

I instaled the new version 4.12

Now, the grass doesnt work.

Infinite loop:
Building Grass Maps (1024)

Have the same problem! Even after deleting all of my foliage!

Seems to be solved. After waiting about 1 hour to finish the Building.
Now works fine as in my previous UE4.10.

Kiwikah, if you remove the foliage, also try to remove the nodes Sample grass, grass, grass layers,etc, inside the Landscape MATERIAL.

Good Luck.

having build problem for grass maps too… stays for 10 hours more … seems to be loop,
but just out of curiousity i will let it run extra 2 hours.
Version of Engine 4.13.1

Same problem with 4.19.


Same problem here. Building Grass Maps (51) never goes away. 4.19.2

Same issue here… Trying to change my Foliage Mesh and the Building Grass Maps (256) run forever (16 hours now)

Same for me. 4.19.2. Been on 802 for hours and never changes.

This appears to be a direct result of the texture streaming pool being too small. In the console, enter r.streaming.poolsize xxxx, where ‘xxxx’ is a number big enough to handle your texture load. I needed 4000 to handle the very large texture pool my project requires.

Odd that there isn’t a more explicit warning message. It took me forever to figure out what was really causing grass maps to stop building. A simple “No available texture pool for grass maps” would have helped a ton.