UE-22694 More 404 links in Wizards

Hello, I’m a new user and there is a similar issue to what I am reporting at UE-22694 which it said to mention in my report.

I’m doing my first mesh imports and I decided to click through the tutorial wizard when I opened up the mesh editor for the first time, and twice during the wizard I’ve clicked the link that goes to the documentation and it has sent me to 404 pages.

One of those pages, by the way, had TWO “Search Documentation” fields which you could type text into, but only one of them actually results in a search.

I’m not saying this in a spirit of just tearing you down here cause this is definitely the better game engine, from what I can see, but holy crap is your website ever bad, man. Like it’s so bad, I want to apply to work for whoever is doing your web pages, because I believe 100% that I could do a better job than they do, and that’s got nothing to do with me being good at web dev, if you get me.