[UE-11846] Mobile HDR on Gear VR Progress?

Hey there,

So we’re using a Gear VR, and Note 4 (europe). Mobile HDR works on the Note 4, but when in a Gear VR build, it halves one of the eyes and displays the post process on the left of the right eye, and without the overlay on the right of the right eye.

My client is looking to get this fixed ASAP, as Mobile HDR is a requirement for this project.
Can this be looked into, and if it has been - can a fix be posted?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Sythen,

There is currently no update to report at this time except that the ticket has been assigned to a engineer to look into. There is no timeline at the moment when a fix will be submitted. I have added your post to the ticket and adjusted the community interest.

Thank you!


Hi Tim, is there any information about Mobile HDR working in conjunction with the Gear VR? We’re working on a game taking place in a desert environment and we’re feeling very limited by not being able to do the most simple of post processing effects (e.g. fog).

It’s still assigned to a developer and is on the “To-Do” list for 4.9. This is not a guarantee that it will be in 4.9 since the issues is still listed as “unresolved” and a fix has not been submitted, so it may be likely to slip to 4.10 or later depending on other priorities. If there is a change with the status of the ticket I’ll update here.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Got it. Will watch this question closely. Thanks for getting back to me, Tim!

4 weeks later, is there any update on this matter?

As mentioned before it’s on the “To-Do” list. It may be a while depending on higher priorities. I’m keeping an eye on the ticket and if there is any update I will post here.

Roger that. Thanks for your swift reply, Tim. I saw no mention of it on the latest Gear VR related forum post by Sam, so I thought I’d check here. Will await.

Hi Sythen,

Can you confirm the model number of the Note 4 you’re using, or even better the GPU (such as Adreno or Mali) as reported in the log?

If you’re using the Mali version which is from what I can tell the GPU in one of the models for the European market, this problem is likely caused by the HDR method we use on this device due to a hardware limitation.

UE 4.9 will have an alternative HDR implementation for Mali T700 which should solve the problem if this is the cause. I can get you a source code patch for 4.8 if you’d like to see if it fixes the issue for you, but it’s probably best to confirm the model number first.


Hi Jack, We may not the OP but are experiencing exactly the same issue. We’ve also got a European Note 4. Our model number = SM-N910F

Our log shows:

[2015.07.09-15.21.51:877][  0]LogEngine:Display: Android Version Make Model Language: 4.4.4 samsung SM-N910F en_GB

as well as:

[2015.07.09-15.21.51:880][  0]LogRHI:   GL_VENDOR: Qualcomm
[2015.07.09-15.21.51:880][  0]LogRHI:   GL_RENDERER: Adreno (TM) 420
[2015.07.09-15.21.51:880][  0]LogRHI:   GL_VERSION: OpenGL ES 3.0 V@84.0 AU@  (CL@)
[2015.07.09-15.21.51:880][  0]LogRHI:   GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION: OpenGL ES GLSL ES 3.00

Hi, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately as it’s happening on Adreno, the issue as not what I thought it might be. We are continuing to look at this issue.

Thanks Jack, best of luck, hoping for Mobile HDR on the Gear VR soon.

Hey Tim, is there anything new you could tell us about hdr on vr? Thanks a lot. Patric

At Samsung S6 HDR mode on Gear VR is not working as well (as documented). Do you know if is there any other possibility to enable shadows for Gear VR ?

How is this status as referring to the new S7 phones from Samsung. Basically the new GPU on these devices should handle HDR support yet the documentation page here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/GearVR/BestPractices/ continues to state that mobile HDR should not be used. In my testing packaging HDR leaves the app dark, or gray with the think blue lines when in developer mode.


We didn’t notice any problems with GearVR HDR projects on S7 devices, I was testing in 4.11. Could you tell me what engine version you are using?

Just over a year later - is there any progress at all on this ticket? Not being able to use the Post Processing on GearVR is very difficult to work without. Hoping to see a Vulkan RHI for GearVR implemented.

We’ve tried both 4.11 and 4.12 - Cannot build out HDR projects :confused:

ddvlost - Gear VR with Mobile HDR enabled definitely does not work on the S7 (testing on Exynos chipset). We need gear vr hdr to work on all S6 and S7 chipset devices to make it plausible for the Oculus store. (please note it works on a non-gear vr default android build we’re talking about a gear vr specific problem here).
No where have I seen anyone report it works for gear vr (just a black screen is seen on the device)

tested on 4.10, 4.11, 4.12

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago we had a tester try MobileHDR on GearVR S7 using a SM-G930V (Adreno) device and he reported that it worked. I’m looking at the HDR code here and it seems like it has GearVR-supporting code added to it. But I guess it’s possible certain post-processing options could prevent it working.

We will check again, but if you have a small 4.12 test project you could send, that would help us verify we’re both looking at the same thing. Also are you using the Adreno or an Exynos (eg SM-G930F) Galaxy S7 ?

I also re-opened the UE-11846 ticket which had previously been closed.