UE-112718 - Structure Reset in array

The original report was submitted as follows:

An array of a structure that has been
modified without the array’s blueprint
being complied results in the values
of the array element being reset.
Compiling each blueprint that has the
array of structures fixes the problem.

I wanted to say that my values in the array are not being reset, however, the default values of the structure are not maintained when I hit the reset to default arrow.
For example, I use my structure in a blueprint actor. Inside the Structure, I set a vector for “Location Offset”, a rotator for “Rotation Offset”, and a vector for “Scale”. I set the default value of the scale to 1,1,1 and save the structure.
I place the actor in the world, and set the scale to 5,5,5, and then save the level. When I use the Reset to Default arrow (yellow arrow) on the Scale value, it sets it to 0,0,0 and not the structure default value of 1,1,1

Recreation steps:
In a new project, I created a simple structure with a vector and default value set to 1,1,1. I added the structure to an actor as a variable, placed the actor in the world, and then edited the vector value to 5,5,5. When I hit Reset to default it works. As soon as I convert that structure variable into an array and then change the vector value when I hit the Reset to default, it resets to 0,0,0 and not the default stored in the structure.

Re-compiling the blueprint in which the structure is used as an array does not fix the problem.