Udp Messaging Plugin uses up too much CPU usage (although game is stopped and udp messaging unused)

The FUdpSocketReceiver which inherits from FRunnable
uses up too much memory, although I’m not really using the plugin and the game is currently being stopped.
I checked whether I activated that Plugin and it was activated. Not sure when though, as I’m still new to unreal. Maybe it’s activated by default. Dunno…
The high cpu usage mostly happens after 3 times or so the Game has been started up (Simulate/Play-Button) and stopped again.

The Game also was stopped when I tracked the memory, as you can see from the images



The CPU uses up most time at Socket->Wait(SocketWaitCondition, WaitTime);

I found out that FUdpSocketReceiver::Run() is getting called several times
with the Name: “UdpMessageUnicastReceiver” taking up most of the CPU time. This Method calls the FUdpSocketReceiver::Run.

Also some CPU time (but lesser than from the receiver one) gets used by UdpScoketSender::Run.

I can’t remember having setup anything for the Udp Messaging Plugin. So this is weird it’s showing this behaviour…

Solution which worked for me now is:

  • Disabling the Plugin for Udp

During startup of the Editor the output of everything Udp-related just says:

LogPluginManager: Mounting plugin

LogModuleManager: Display: Found
up-to-date module file
(API version 0).

‘UE4Editor.exe’ (Win32): Loaded
Symbols loaded.
0]LogUdpMessaging: Initializing bridge
on interface to multicast


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