Udp Connection to external c++ application

Hey community,

i tried to get an anwer for my problem in the “unreal-rendering” subforum three weeks ago. But i had no luck there until now…so i try to get some support for my problem in these sub-forum.

Some short background for understanding my problem:
I want to use the Engine to simulate different underwater vehicles (ROV [remotely operated vehicles] and AUV [autonomous underwater vehicle] ) and to simulate different overwater vehicles (USV [unmaned surface vehicle]). The real vehicles are controlled by an Framework, written in c++. Cause it could be very expensive to test our control-algoithms on the real vehicles we would like to test these vehicles ini an simulation environment → the Unreal Engine.
For now i created digital twins of the real vehicles in the unreal engine. each vehicle could extend with different sensors [depth-sensor, gps, inertial-measurement-unit, laser-distance-sensor and so on]. Each Sensor is an AActor Object which i add dynamically to the Vehicle-Object ( AActor-object as well). Furthermore a programmed a UDP-interface to transfer the sensor-data from each vehicle to the control-framework. All that runs very fine with multiple vehicles and sensors. I get the sensordata from the virtual vehicles in “realtime” in my external c+±application.

But now my problem:
The real vehicles are fittet with on ore more cameras to observe the environment. The camera-streams are very important to evaluate the vehicle environment.for example to prevent collisions with other objects.
In Unreal i created a “CameraSensor”-Class (AActor) and could attach that to my vehicles. Furthermore i use the sceneCaptureComponent2D with renderToTexture like described in " Rear View Camera - Unreal Engine Forums " by “simtsit”. I can see image the attached camera in a HUD on the MainView… And at least i can make capture the camera view save it as png on the harddisk…

But didn’t need. different png.images, i need the camera-view as stream, so that i can read the stream in my external vehicle-control application…!!!

Please help me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!!

best regards