UDNGame.uc right location and directory

Is this right place to create new file to make new file named UDNGame.uc?

Files extend as follows engine folder extends to udkbase folder extends to utgame folder or your game folder. I guess you could extend it there but I think I would put it into your game folder and extend it from the udkbase file your wanting to extend from.

Are there any differences between PC games and mobile games file structures powered by unreal engine 3? Especially unfinished demos like jazz Jackrabbit iOS kismet tutorial. Anyway yesterday I tried this tutorial related to udk camera and I’m wondering what’s next?

No. Regardless of what your target platform is, you should set up your project the same way. Make a new folder in Development\Src for your project and put your new uc classes in that new folder.

That depends entirely on what you want to make and what you need to do in order to make it.

Thank you very much.