UDN Feature Request: Confirm Delete Comment

Dear Friends at Epic,

Alexander asked me to post any feature requests,

I have lost a significant amount of time on many occasions by accidentally selecting “delete” when trying to edit an existing comment that I was busy proofreading.

I tend to want to make sure my posts are as readible as possible and so I tend to edit them a lot :slight_smile:

With a main post there is a undelete option.

With an answer I am not exactly sure but I can check (I just checked, you can undelete answers too)

Buuuut, for a COMMENT there is absolutely no warning or undo option.

Because I am often trying to stay on topic I resist posting new answers though they have added undelete-protection.

Please consider this request of mine to make undelete option or confirmation requestion* for comments :slight_smile:

(*request see I edit my posts a lot :slight_smile: )


#Happy Holidays!!!


a comment test

Hey Rama,

Wow, that was fast! This is a great idea. We have had a few of our developers and support staff encounter this issue as well. I have entered a request for a “Are you sure? Yes / No” dialog to appear when deleting a comment and sent it to our web developers. Please let us know if there is anything else on the UDN that could be improved.






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