[UDN BUG] ParticleExamples.rar Textures missing

I extracted the ParticleExamples.rar from this page and Texture2D expressions in all materials dont have textures assigned to them.

This also happens to me when I try to use assets from another project (e.g shooter game) in my own one.

By the way, I have a silly question to you. How can I download those examples? When I klick onto it, the download isnt starting. Instead I get the webcode XD

I have Internet Download Manager installed so all i had to do was right click and select “Download with IDM” :slight_smile:

Ah ok, thank you

Hey Satheesh,

There is currently an issue where when you move materials it has trouble remembering where the textures are. They may fix this in a future release. For right now all the textures should be there you just have to figure out what goes where.

Best Regards,