UDK3 to UE4 Terrain Transition

I haven’t had enough time to figure it all out yet and I just got done moving over our static meshes last night. Still much more to import but I have tinkered with it some and I didn’t want to hijack this thread.

Does anyone have a UDK3 to UE4 terrain transition process? Or a better process then what I am doing?

I currently have been attempting:
Open UDK3 click terrain export as .obj
Open Blender setup a heightmap render
Import .obj, render the hieghtmap and save the image file
Open UE4 go to import terrain heightmap

Here is the thread I made about getting blender setup:

Here is the Setup file with an example terrain in it:

Its not a perfect process again I feel like I am missing something still. I am not sure how to set the values of how high or how low and the correct UE4 settings cuase it does not seem to like my file exactly but it does work. I am getting close just not 100% in my mind and probably there is a better way to do this…

Anyone else do this yet?

When you use the landscape tool in UDK, then you could also use the gizmo tool to export it as a heightmap that you can import straight into the UE4 (just as an info for all who have used the landscape tool).:wink:

No friggin way did I really miss something that easy… loading up the UDK3 now

But that just works with a landscape, not with a terrain :wink:

Well I still feel silly for not catching the UDK3 export terrain feature however its not working.

So I can load up the UDK3 select the terrain go to terrain editing tools and I have tried various export settings
you get a G16.BMP and a terrain.T3D File.

You can not open the BMP it says its to large or corrupted in windows
I tried in photoshop it wont open the file

By default the import file type that UE4 wants is not this, it doesn’t show in the list.
You can choose all files and it will import but its messed up.

It looks like it crunches everything and the peaks to valleys is very drastic

Again you cant edit the exported file or I do not know how to do so to put it in a format it wants.

Got any other ideas for your process to work?

Here you can get more infos how you can do that with the terrain editor: ://forums.epicgames/threads/749260-Export-heightmap

Okay we where replying at same time didn’t see your latest comments.

So what your saying is your idea won’t work then?

NVM where replying same time again I see the link digging into it

That works perfectly…

HMCS converted it over to the format UE4 wants and read properly.

Danke Sha