UDK3 Project

Hello guys, I study computer science in Greece and i have a project to make 3 deathmatch levels with a small storyline, and i have some questions, i can nowhere find the answers to them…
Please help me out, i’m not asking you to make the project for me but give me some info to the path i’m going to follow… my questions are the following:

1)My Main menu resolution is smaller than ingame, so when i start the game, i have the main menu 4:3 while game is 16:9 or something.

  1. I fail to understand the science behind Meshes, whether i can use them or not, and how.

  2. I can’t create 2 seperate sequences, because the game starts playing before I get out of main menu. It’s like the game is running, while I haven’t clicked anything at main menu that shows up in the middle of the game.

  3. how to connect 2 levels together, and how to make it work, so that when i end 1st level, to get to 2nd.

5)A small guide on how to build a tiny small storyline for the game, not what storyline, but how…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: