UDK3 EULA License agreement removal or bypass or workaround.(Licensees only!)

Hello people! I have noticed now STEAM games that are created with UDK3 and have the UDK EULA agreements at the startup are now being stopped or queried at the moment. This is because of the EULA license agreement. (End user license agreement.)
The fact is, I don’t blame STEAM for doing this or any other company that sells software. If you are licensed and are releasing a product it should not display the UDK EULA. This can cause confusion for some buyers since they are not purchasing and agreeing to UDK, they are purchasing and agreeing to your licensed UDK built game.
And how it is EPIC Games is entitled to royalties, so for them this would not be a major problem as long as they get their payment and you are licensed and the first startup screen is not modified. (Powered by Unreal Technology screen.)
Here are some old forums but nobody had given an appropriate answer on how to fix this:
Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
I also ask kindly please do not add comments here that are already obvious or do not assist anyone in any way. As I gather more information I will update everyone here who finds this topic.
Any EPIC Games staff can contact me at the above email address if they wish to speak to me also on this matter.
Thank you.

Ive been trying to help Shane with this but it looks to be a big problem for everyone that needs to release a game so i hope someone have some idea.I still suspect that the steam employee that atended Shane is a noob but this thing needs to be solved.Maybe epic needs to give us a custom frontend installer or just speak to steam for some agreement.

“STEAM games that are created with UDK3 and have the UDK EULA agreements at the startup are now being stopped or queried at the moment”

Please can you provide your source? I haven’t heard of anything.

I also don’t quite understand the problem :confused:

I have a game in STEAM and it can be seen here:http://store.steampowered.com/app/543910/World_of_DASM_DASM_Spell_Quest/
My game is in limbo and should have been released TODAY!!!
Because of this issue I have had to change the date. Here is the message from STEAM:

Your Game Build

Review of your build has identified one or more issues. Please read and follow these instructions:
The Steam EULA has been successfully added, however the Unreal Development Kit EULA is still present. Please remove this EULA, as it is only for developers and therefore unnecessary for users to agree to.
Once you have resolved these issues, you can mark your build for review again.

Now either someone from STEAM has made a big mistake or they have changed their policy. I am currently trying to solve the problem with EPIC Games but my concern for now is this “error” is going to affect everyone who has a UDK built game.

Let us all hope for now that STEAM has made a mistake. (Or me!!!) I am currently contacting them now and I will keep everyone posted. Thanks.

@LORDROACH Oh that sucks. Please let us know how Epic responds, as I’d also like to get rid of the EULA if possible. Good luck with your project.

Hello people! I recently found out that STEAM let alone a Valve employee cannot ask developers to remove the UDK EULA and it is a legal document that covers EPIC Games and the developer. It also sets rules and rights for the user/buyer of your UDK built product. (Especially If your selling it.)
After explaining to STEAM we are legally not allowed to remove the agreement and it is even integrated into the exe…strangely, within 24 hours my game was approved. It was nice of them to realize they made a mistake and it was even nicer that they didn’t apologize due to the fact I went over the date I wanted to release my product. (yeah, thanks STEAM!)
So, if you are going to release your UDK product through STEAM do this:
(1) Don’t advertise your going to release your product until you have everything approved, even if you think you are ready.
(2) Do not modify the text in the first startup license agreement with the UDK license. Just leave it.
(3) Find the document in this “default” directory: \UDK*(YOUR PROJECT NAME)\Binaries\InstallData\EULA.(LANGUAGE VERSION)*.rtf
(4) Copy and paste the content and language version of the EULA into your STEAM store page EULA. (It is basically a copy of the UDK agreement.)
(5) Get your game reviewed.
If a STEAM or Valve staff member insists that you need to remove the UDK EULA, in the nicest and kindest way give them a bunch of flowers and some chocolates and say they are being naughty and explain to them they are asking you to do something which is illegal.

Before I end this post I wanted to thank all the STEAM staff and UDK developers who offered to help and the legal/useful advice they had given me. I must admit the response was incredible and it was a pleasure and even an honor to have spoken to some of you. (You know who you are!) This proves that EPIC Games had not completely walked away from UDK developers and are still there if something out of the ordinary happens.

Cheers people!

good to see this resolved!

thanks for the extra info, I’m sure it will be helpful to a number of us around here :wink:

Thanks for the info, and good luck with your game.

Glad it got resolved : )

UPDATE Hello people how are you? Because of all the problems I faced with STEAM from setting up STEAMWORKS, scripts, uploading, patching, Achievements, Trading cards, Backgrounds and Emoticons and we cannot forget the EULA’s, I have dedicated part of my website to help other developers so you won’t have to go through what I did.
Here you go:

Special thanks to:
Jay Wilbur and his team for their support when I needed it!
Fabian who created “Clockwise” using UDK for the achievement part of the tutorial.
O_and_N for supporting the UDK community and requesting for a STEAM tutorial.

Have a great day!