UDK3 and UDK4: Conversions.

Looking at the new layout of UDK4, I have to say that I have fallen in love with it almost instantly.
I love the version control system. It beats using our old Perforce UBUNTU remote server and the time consuming transfers between international partners.

But, we have 2 years invested into our development already.

So my question is.
For a dummy like me,

How do I convert the old upk files to work with the current UDK4 engine?

Please help.

I’m not sure if you can. Looks like you have to import everything all over again. That’s why they said if you’re early on in development, switch. If farther, stay with UDK. Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.

You cannot convert as far as I am aware, A lot of material nodes have been merged or changed. So you have to re-work on those at least.

I’ve been scouring everything, I don’t see anything about conversions.

I would like to make a suggestion.

UDK4 is extremely powerful compared to the UDK3, I’ve been messing around with it, doing random stupid stuff. Just plain awesome.

So my suggestion is, Make a conversion plugin to allow people to drop it into a designated repository as a upk file, and when imported into the new. It’s converted into an asset.

It would go a long way to mainstreaming everyone into the new platform.

There is no way to convert upk files to UE4. You will have to reimport the assets and remake the materials; and remake the lighting, post process, Blueprints, etc. all over again for your levels, and above all you’ll spend time to learn all of these first. I wouldn’t waste 2 years to switch engines, unless you are doing it as a hobby.

You can’t take files from UDK to UE4. UE4 is not UDK it’s the full fledged Unreal 4 Engine where UDK is the Unreal 3 with out source. If you are really far in to dev it would probably be easier to just finish in UDK/UE3 then trying to convert it to UE4 unless your at the first stages of dev.

OH this is a painful process. Annoying and slow as hell.
Literally had to export everything out of UDK as an OBJ file,
Import it into MAYA.
Then export it from MAYA as an FBX file and import it into the new platform.
And I havent even touched the entire game design yet, that was just the terrain and the trees.
Since they are scaled properly in UDK it’s best to export them via UDK and go through that process.

**** if I was proficient in coding. I would make a PLUGIN for the UDK3 for the quick conversion export as FBX w/textures instead of the OBJ files.

You are better off working with the originals.
If they no longer exist, you should be able to export from UDK to the FBX file format.

@Evilmincer what you probably didn’t understand yet is that even if there was a plugin it would fail miserably as you would have to go in the mat editor and re-do everything as most of your nodes would be gone (merged in others or replaced).

Eitherway do as Kris said.

I’ve just been running UDK and UE4 at the same time and rebuilding step by step, but you need to make sure if you do that that you have unloaded levels or your GPU time will get eaten up making material editing a pain.

I didn’t tried out by myself, but you could try to export in T3D format, from udk to UE4, i from the import dialogu that you can read t3D format.
if you have to use maya before to export to UE4, try ninja udk tool to export in T3D the whole layout of your level from Maya with your assets to FBX format.

I managed to get my terrain over. But it literally took 15 hours for my system to process the transfer once I had it exported from Maya.
Just because of the sheer size. BUT… Once I got it into UDK4.
***… I love the 3d view on it, so MUCH better then UDK3.