UDK vs Unreal Engine 4+

Why was Unreal Engine 4 and up made less user friendly? I’m all for the addition of C++, but the addition of blueprints (which is the same things as C++) with no documentation or quality tutorials instead of UDK’s intuitive WYSIWYG design-oriented GUI make the latest versions of Unreal Engine completely unusable.…48DD0254E3FD8B

I think most if not all UE4 users would disagree pretty strongly.

C++ wasn’t “added”, the engine was always written in C++ and UDK used an intermediatte language called UnrealScript to actually make games (which almost nobody knew, and was publicly almost entirely undocumented). Blueprint “replaced” Kismet, which was extremely limited and was designed for level scripting and not much else.

The source code and the example projects (see the launcher) are much more worthwhile than any static documentation IMO. Even so, you will still find far more documentation on UE4 online than you would have found for UDK.

In the debate of UDK vs UE4…

The thing that surprised me the most, is that Epic never really offered any compelling COMPLETE GAMES or GAME SAMPLES that were Blueprints-ONLY based! Whereas UDK offered Necropolis / Jazz (plus castle citadel / mayan foliage maps etc).

To be brutally honest, Epic have kinda shunned community efforts with almost universal indifference (instead of getting behind them). Anyway, see if there’s any advice in threads like this that help. And go and dissect projects by creators listed here:wink: