UDK vs UE4 features

Hi there,

Another “missing features” from my side:

  • I can’t find Mobile Fog is there any way to enable fog in mobile?
  • In UDK there was normal light direction when flatterning texture which can boost normal maps a lot in specific areas. Is there something like that in UE4?
  • In UDK there was environment mapping is there something like this in UE4? (this feature is boosting metal materials a lot!)
  • In UDK there was detailed texture option how we can create something like this in UE4?
  • How to enable bump offset in UE4?
  • How can I enable rim lighting in UE4?
  • How can I animate textures on mobile? In UDK there was option for that here I can’t find it :frowning:

I will be really grateful if epic can work on Mobile and create more detailed documentation. I see that everyone is complaining that we can’t do Infinity Blade like game on UE4 right now because there are lot’s of features missing or they are there but without any documentation how to enable them.

Unlike UE3, UE4 uses the full Material system node network for mobile. No flattening. You should be able to just create your materials like you normally would for PC and have them work, with a few exceptions listed here:

Thanks for reply!

Still it would be nice to get some informations:

  • how we can do rim lighting effect on material?
  • how we can enable fog on mobile?
  • how we can improve normal maps? (they are baked to light maps like in UDK? If yes it would be nice to change the direction like in UDK. It can boost graphics a lot, really)
  • how to enable bump offset?

Hope you will be able to help out here :slight_smile: