UDK vs UE4 - 1 year later

It’s been a year since UE4 came out so it’s time to dust off the old UDK and let your EYES BURN!!!

yeah that engine is rough to look at now…

Honestly if it wasn’t for Blueprints I don’t even know if I would have ever made it. I think I’d be 6 months behind where I am at today if I had to do it all in Unrealscript (feels like a rotary phone at this point). I think I’ve a little less than a year left (so 3 years :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I do feel the need to Thank Epic for giving us an awesome engine to work with, for constantly updating it and making it even more awesome (easy to look at the flaws but take a step back from time to time and look at how amazing the thing is), and lastly a big ole’ thank you for putting your old engine to shame.

Anyone else got some Unreal vs Unreal comparisons?..

Can you post some revised screencaps with fully built lighting in UE4?

it’s just the 252 katana blades in the scene that needs to be rebuilt (I believe)…that level isn’t even close to done (hence the horizontal wood texture on the pillars) but still you can see how it blows the old scene out of the water…

Yeah, much better with even more room for lots of improvement. Looking forward to more screencaps :slight_smile:


The game that screenshot is from is looking great! Its reminiscent of Battle Royale meets Kitamura’s earlier films if you don’t mind the comparison. Its also great to see oriental themes and locations on the forums for a change. For others reading the other points though, its a little misleading. UE4 and UDK (even Unity) each have their place. UE4 isn’t finished yet, and the fact that it looks better is explained away by the fact that it also requires beefier hardware! Its easy to knock UDK, but it is stable, and well documented from all the tutorials. UE4 also needs features like fully dynamic landscapes and more procedural tools / marketplace assets to be the standout game-engine for the next decade IMHO.

That is quite a difference. I remember doing the same with one of my old scenes when I made the jump to UE4. Wish I had saved the screens I took, but unfortunately I got rid of them a while ago. =/

Looks much better now! :slight_smile:

Ha, ****. Gotta say though, even GL ES 2.0 Unreal 4 puts UE3 to shame. Still not versed in blueprints though. I intend to change that this weekend.

Todo: don’t be lazy

I actually think UDK looks better, but im very biased against all the bloom and lightshafts and i im also not very found of overdone contrast, that said ue4 is probably alot easier to work with and might have the best overall technology, but iv also heard good things about udk when it comes to emissive abject lights please correct me if im wrong.

Yeah UDK version looks a lot better for that particular style.

He should be able to make it look the same in UE4…

The floor reflection is too high in UE4, it looked better in UDK. However, the pillars is where you can really see an improvement! Keep it up :smiley:

UE4 version looks great.

The best part about the UE4 version is that you can always turn it down, if anything.