UDK/UE3 video tutorials

Would you recommend me to learn basics of udk/ue3? Anyway It seems I can’t download these files.
One more thing UDKEditor.exe 2015 version(the latest one) asked me if I want to compile unreal scripts so I chose “yes”. It seems some errors occured.

Here’s a log.

Any ideas how to fix it?

No, I would not. It seems like you’re starting with zero experience in UDK. If that’s the case, and if you’re not working on a UDK project that’s almost completed, then you really should start your new project in UE4.

Epic’s website and the Unreal forums have been down for the last few days. I don’t know if that file is accessible now. But a lot of UDK resources are just gone now. Epic is no longer supporting UDK. Some resources are still around, and some aren’t. And if a UDK resource disappears, Epic is not going to waste time trying to put it back online for the five of us still making games with UDK/UE3.

I really think you ought to put down UDK and learn UE4. If you insist on starting a project in UDK, then it looks like your project for some reason doesn’t have the Unreal Tournament code in it. When you install UDK, you can choose a light installation, or a full installation with Unreal Tournament code and assets. Did you do the full install of UDK with Unreal Tournament?

Are you using Visual Studio for your project? That’s what I’m familiar with. If you’re using Visual Studio, you should be able to see the Unreal Tournament classes in your Solution Explorer. Are the classes there? If they’re not, then there’s something wrong with your project. Do a search in your Development folder for those files. Are those files there?

Well I have backup of jjios kismet demo tutorial. In Windows 10 I have Notepad instead of Visual Studio.