UDK to Unreal Engine 4

Hey it’s been a while since I made a side project in UE 4! Figured I would get started again by making a visual scene and for the theme of my scene I decided to rebuild one of my older UDK works Aqueduct into UE4! I made a video which also has my train of thought behind the creation of the scene. Hopefully you guys dig it!

I’ll be back in again with something new and I will try to keep up with creating visual scenes with different assets and styles down the road.


The scene looks cool :wink: I’d put more contrast on the lighting.

(Remembering CBP…sic…good old time)

Your original scene is still today look amazing. The new one is also looking very nice, still, it miss some lighting contrast imho :o

It’s pretty cool, but IMHO, it’s too much of a straight port from UE3-UE4 and might benefit from taking some time to adapt the environment to make more use of the newer rendering techniques and engine features available to you :wink: