UDK the dark office (in the right place)

This is a level design I made back in school.

Description: the character walks up in an office’s restroom only to find out the world around has changed. Dreaming or not, he or she ought to find out.
the idea is that the character never dies. If something happens to him or her, he or she will be sent into athe spawn room with all the hands . then just climb up and you get back to where you were.

Sorry about the horrible art since I only had time for kismet.

I am planning on finding a time to remake this short game in Unreal 4 with better art.

The reason for voting is that if you guys like it, I will remake it in Unreal 4 with better art. If people dislike it, there is no reason to. Any suggestion is welcome.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

note: sorry for the double post. My first post here. Didn’t know. The wrong place one was deleted