UDK texture Density View

I used to love using the texture density view to get more performance out of my scenes, and see where the textures could be lowered, and where some could be higher resolution.

I would love to see this make a return in UE4.

Hey Kenomica,

Thanks for the great suggestion for UE4. I have submitted a feature request to our developers for a texture density viewer. If you need to reference this report at any time, please refer to: UE-12496


Where can one find the status of this submitted feature request? is it available for upvoting on trello?

There isn’t a public way of tracking any bugs or feature request. This is something that has been discussed before though.

As for status of this request it is currently backlogged. While this is not encouraging, it is good to remember that UE4 is still young, and that there may not be plans to bring every feature over from UDK to UE4.

The best solution for this at the moment is to check the release notes when new major releases come out. This will have all the pertinent updates and new features.