UDK Spaceship Movement Help!

Hello Guys!

Im actually trying to make a spaceship work. I already got the movement and controls working, but I want to make the Spaceship turn when pressing A and D.
This means that I have to use local coordinates for W and S. But how can I do this?
I set all the programming up in Kismet. So how can I use local coordinates in Kismet?

I have a 2nd problem. When I place my Spaceship, I dont see the Textures. But when I go near and shoot at it with the Standard UTDeathmatch Weapon, the Bullet gives a short light spark and i can see that the Textures are on the ship.
I already set a Light Source nearby.

Could you probably post your question into the udk forum :slight_smile: UDK - Epic Games Forums This forum is just for UE4 stuff

2nd problem:
When the spaceship is also dark, you will have to create a 2nd uv channel + lightmap

Thanks for your answer. I will post it at the Forum you told me.

Can you explain me how to set up a 2nd uv channel + lightmap?

Here is a tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5yc-bKbHyc

Here you can find more information about lightmaps: UDK: Lightmapping Basics and 18 Important Principles for Creating and Using Lightmaps for UDK

Thank you very much. I will try around with that.

I played aound with it yet and realised that this problem is only at Blank Maps. When I use the Afternoon Map or something like this, I can clearly see the textures. So what should i do now?

  1. add a skylight
  2. add a dominant directional light
  3. build your light
  4. post a link to your UDK thread and I will help you there (make sure to post a picture of your material) :slight_smile:
  1. I cant find the button to make a new thread at the other Forum.
  2. The Material is a simple Constant3Vector Color connected to the “Diffuse”
  3. It worked now when I added a dominant directional light instead of the light point.
  4. How to create a skylight?
  1. you have to wait until your account gets activated by an admin/mod/system
  2. go into the actor classes -> type “sky” into the search bar

OK. Thank you for everything! We will resume at the other Forum. I will edit the Link when I can open the thread.

Ok nice! :slight_smile:

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I wont get activated Do I have to do something?

Hmm, dont know, normally you should be abel to post something after 1-2 days :confused:

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As this thread is being moved to the Epic Games forums, I am going to go ahead and close it. Thank you and have a great day!