UDK Redistributables

For the Steam version of my game, I make player run the UE3Redist.exe the first time they run the game. This was because when I first released, some players didn’t have the necessary software installed, so the game wouldn’t start.

However, Valve does allow you to select what redistributables your game needs to run, so you don’t have to use your own third-party .exe.

However when I ticked the redists I felt I needed, players were still having problems starting the game (so I went back to using UE3Redist.exe).

These are the options I ticked:

Which ones am I missing for UDK to run on a default windows machine? Or are these redistributables in UE3Redist.exe that aren’t covered by what Steam offers?

I know I don’t have PhysX selected, I wonder if that would prevent the game from running. I’d love to see a breakdown of exactly what is included in UE3Redist.exe.

Good news, you can open UE3Redist.exe with 7zip and have a look around at what’s included.

That is handy, but I still don’t really know what corresponds to what.

I would just like to figure out if it’s possible for me to bypass having my customers run UERedist.exe, and simply allow Steam to handle the redistributables.

For Himeko Sutori, the player doesn’t have to install anything separately. In Steam, I selected DirectX June 2010, Visual C++ 2010, and PhysX 9.14.0702. I don’t know which if any of those is really necessary. And my player base is much smaller, so maybe I’ve just been lucky with all of my players already having the right redistributables. But, that’s what I have.

For udk I think it benefits more from .net 3.0 and 3.5 .I remember that in my case, some custom features(not uploading to steam,just a personal test) didn’t worked on net 4 and up>one of them was game saving using a dll(crushas ultimate save system). Just in case, add .net 3.5 to your 4.5.2 selection.I don’t see any net 3.0 there to be selected.

My players who played my game’s demo on PC complained of missing VC++ Redistributables, and were this ones (Visual Studio 2013), however, they needed to install both X64 and X86 versions: