UDK Play Components In Unreal4 (Lift, Health, Bots, etc)?

I have what might be a fairly basic question in Unreal 4.

I found this tutorial online for re-introducing UDK FPS components to level design in Unreal4:

but when I try to implement it in the engine I cannot find most of the components in the Search:
Generic_Lift, BaseJumpPad, WeaponBase, Ammo, Health, Armor, PowerupBase, etc.

What do I need to do to access that content?

Similarly, where is ContentBrowser/Games/Blueprints/Pawn/BotPawn, and why does my play Console ’ ] not have “Spawnbot” as an option, as described here?:


Aha! I got some feedback elsewhere, thought it might be useful to note here:
“It sounds like you’re using default UE4, not the Unreal Tournament build from the 1st tutorial, or the ShooterGame content from the second. You can install both from the Epic Games launcher. UT is under the UT tab at the top, and shootergame is found under the learn tab on the left.”