UDK online documentation down?

I’ve been noticing for a while that the UDK documentation has been down with an error:

This is a little concerning. Could someone from Epic give some insight to the state of the situation.

Or does anyone else know what is happening?


Hello there,

Yes it happens often from times to times, I think EPIC should care more about us, and let the UE3 Reference forever online, because it is a precious source of knowledge with many information about one of the most fantastic game engines of all times. Even though UE4 is the natural evolution of UE3, however UE3 has a great importance to the game industry in general, it contributed shipping many of the most famous game franchises.

About the UDN getting offline, whenever it happens, I use this site to get a cached version (google cache):

Great, one more thing to ruin my day :confused: Feel free to join the pressure here with the new issue.Not that they fixed the forum search,ufhhhhh

Someone from the Epic web team shoud get fired as this is now becoming ridiculous…

The documentation is still down. @Epic Please can we have a time-frame on this being fixed?

I posted on the home feedback forum about this. Hopefully an Epic employee will see it and address the issue:

Seems Epic Games is really determined to erase UE3 from their history, even in spite of acquiring an endless stream of UE4 users.

An Epic staff member did respond to my post and the online docs are back up and running. I really appreciate that they’re still looking out for us (even if you do have to post on the UE4 forums to get noticed).