UDK map creation. Help please

I have a bit of experience creating maps for other engines and decided to try out UDK as well; However UDK’s map creation is not what I am used to at all. I am wondering a few things.

  • I am used to having a 3d pane and then 3 2d panes that show the top, side, and front view of the map. Does the UDK have anything similar so I might be able to get used to it a bit sooner?
  • If there are no 2d panes or anything similar to view the map… how on earth would someone get a map done using these brushes that you can’t easily create on the spot you need them? I feel like I am missing something. The static meshes from other maps it came with are the same thing as what you create with the brushes it seems. Is there a static mesh creator I am missing? Or did someone create a ton of brushes and combine them to make a big and detailed static mesh?

This is really all I can think of at the moment. The tediousness of having to create a brush in the center of the map with nothing but a set of variables and then drag it into the spot you want it just seems like it would drive people away; However people aren’t driven away so I must be missing something. What am I missing?

For UDK question, use the UDK forums. Or are you using UE4?

As Mielke said, please post UDK questions into the UDK forum: https://forums.epicgames/forum.php? :slight_smile:

But I think you are looking for the “4 window view” -> you can enable it with the small icon at right side of the viewport. Now you could also add planes with a ground plan texture so that you can see how to build the map