UDK macOS help !

I packed it, and sent to a friend he had 1000 cursors on the screen any help?

I completely forgot that UDK even exported to MacOS. I may look into this soon as I’ve had several requests over the years for mac support.

I wish we could export to the current console platforms though. I’ve talked with several companies about a console port and the response is always that it would be a huge undertaking :frowning:

I have ported UDK Engine to Consoles, PS3 and Xbox360. I have a custom version of UDK Engine, however, I can’t share it anymore. I got EPIC’s Authorization to my personal use, to develop and distribute my games, but not for sharing it.

It’s a long history, but search on google for udk ultimate engine

And here on my game’s profile in IndieDB you can see many gameplay videos on PS3 and Xbox360:…al-aqsa-mosque

I talked to one game developer who said that he started working on a project to port a UE3 game to Xbox One, and he said that it would be easier to remake the game from scratch in UE4.

Hello Nathaniel!

But i have been searching on the web, and it seems to be doable converting an UDK Game to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) then get this game running on XboxOne. Do you know how hard is this?

[USER=“287012”]NIDAL NIJM GAMES[/USER] Porting to UWP is the same as porting to Xbox. Unless Microsoft ends up supporting some kind of virtual wrapper (seems unlikely), porting will require updating the UE3 source to run on Xbox.

Thanks dude for the info. But what about this:…-windows-store

Doesn`t UDK runs also on DirectX11?

If the porting would not be something too much complicated, I would like to do it. Please, shed some light on this info.

Thanks in advance!