UDK landscape worldmachine tutorial

UDK/UE3 Worldmachine to landcape layers quick basic worldmachine quick, How to landscape material. - YouTube :cool:

Nice. I used Terresculptor and a lot of work with the UDK editor.

Ok cobalt, I’ma check it, is it for height fields only?

I did the landscape with the UDK (downslcaling to use the brush, then set the normal scale), and I used Terresculptor to add erossion and obtain the layers by inclination.

But I’d like to try the Worldmachine. Too many things to learn in one lifetime.

WIth UDK I fear you will need photoshop, you will need paint to, and also it’s for free to, yes worldmachine is free.

Or you could just not use Photoshop, and make the heightmap and paint the layers inside UDK.

World Machine’s free version limits the size of the landscape you can create. And it also cannot be used for commercial projects.

I use the standard one :rolleyes:. Like ok the maps i did not use standard 100 % but most of em…, since sometimes i get the wrong .exe, ( meaning that I paid for it ) I hope that the creators received the money for such a great program.

Nah, Terresculptor gives you the raw files for the layers, so you only need to import them in UDK.

Anyway is not the best way to work, my landscape needs a lot of work. I tried to make paths over the terrain using the UDK tools and was a pain. But UE4… has a great tool to do that using splines that modifies the terrain, and probably more things I don’t know yet. And you can export the raw to use in UDK.

Awesome I’ll check it out.