UDK is closed

I need help
I heard that the UDK is already closed I don’t understand why
what is the site that you need to install the UDK???
By the way I prefer the UDK.

If anyone wants to help me say

So do I
UDK was was shutdown because UE3 went 19$ and then free ish new license
Google: UDKInstall-2015-02.exe
I do too

Epic hasn’t told us all the details, but they have said that ultimately it was because they couldn’t agree on license renewal terms for some of the bundled middleware. Epic could no longer distribute UDK with the included middleware, so they stopped distributing UDK. If you already have UDK, you can continue using it, and you can release games with it. There are ways to get UDK though. I think there’s even a thread on this forum that has some links to it.

I’m not sure if those links still work, but that’s where I would start.

where is link Please tell me the truth.

I had to try several different mirrors on this download until I found a working one.

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