[UDK] Full-On Paintball released on steam

We’ve finally got our game released on steam.

[FONT=Motiva Sans]*We have spent years working on this paintball game and would like for the game to be out for sale for people to enjoy. Included in the game is a variety of maps from speedball to woodsball and various weaponry, ranking, and more. *

We have many features in the game.
[FONT=Motiva Sans]*The game is currently in Beta stage. This means that the game is almost fully complete which includes characters, weapons, maps, gametypes, unlocks, and ranking, 20+ maps as in Woodsball to Speedball maps, 10 gametypes and they include Capture the flag, Capture the point, ControlPoint, Rescue the president, Last team and man standing, StrongArm, TagMatch, TeamTagMatch to name a few, Included is sprint, walk, prone, You will rank up when playing on instant action, lan, and dedicated Severs to open weapons and the weapons tags open parts on that particular weapon to increase its accuracy and usage of co2 and battery and paintballs. We have also included weapon triggers and player skills which open as you play the game < time played unlocks. *

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Thanks for reading hope you enjoy it.

Congrats on the release!
But when you have the time,you shoud really fix the ut3 hud thing.People will notice and complain.

Demo please if pleased i buy!