UDK Frontend 64-Bit Executable

I’m making a PC game using UDK, and I’m having issues packaging the game. Anytime I package the game, UDK Frontend creates a 32-bit exe file that crashes every time you start the file. I was wondering if there was a way to package the game as a 64-bit exe file instead. I noticed that there is no option for 64-bit under the Configuration Settings, but I was wondering if there was a way to add it as an option.

only the editor is 64 bit with udk.the game is 32 bit only.

I think you can package in x64 using this

It has more options that are hidden in modern udk builds.But you have to make a list of maps(like in old ut3) and its something i just cant remember on how it was done.In the cook options i do see stuff like cook for x64,ps3, and even some xeon stuff???(what?) and i think dx11(but cant remember on that)

If someone figures on how to make it work,please let me know.

And something aditional that may be of help

Also you can copy the win64 directory from the UDK to the installed game dir, and run the game from there.

I had some problems with 32 bits too, caused when the game starts and needs to spawn a lot of things. I solved (for now) adding a delay to load the bots (about 500) after the persistent level are loaded.

well,i never new that.:smiley: