UDK editor dark ui(finally)

Thanks to udkultimate for pointing me in the right direction.I have tried many times to change the udk files and have searched all over the install folders and inis but never managed to give udk a dark theme.Used a few windows themes in the past but most didn’t work on apps or if they did, they gave strange in game colors to udk and everything else.
Just found this today:

This is for Windows 10…heme-554287696

Download the zip and double click on the CC DARK and udk will look like the maya/ue4 dark theme.So, it shoud help on the eyes with productivity.Gray is soooo last season.To turn back your defaut windows 10 ui go to personalize>themes>use custom theme and it will be as before.No system reset is needed.

This is for Windows 7…heme-361735679