UDK Documentation?

i am using UDK Ultimate to create game for my RGH xbox 360, but the official UDK documentation is down. Is anywhere backup?

There have been tons of problems with that stuff recently. I think they were changing the subdomain from to, and maybe you have to change something else too. Last I heard they were working on a redirect to send people to the new location. Epic has always brought the pages back up in the past, and I’m hoping they’ll bring the pages back up again. For now though, you might be able to use Google’s cached version of the page.

I hope too.

Hello there. I am happy to see more people using UDK Ultimate Engine. At least I have done something cool that other people can enjoy :smiley:

If you create something cool let me know, so I can add on the showcase session of my website:

About the documentation, yeah, EPIC is still uploading the official UDK documentation to the new domain:

They said it will take some time, so we need to wait untill there

By the way, soon I will release a new update for UDKUltimate Engine now adding support for the “unhackable” PS3 SuperSlim, because now there is a way to run homebrew games and apps on the latest PS3 Firmware OFW 4.82.

Stay connected!!!

Thank you for help, but i am no longer using UDK Ultimate. I am creating Perfect Dark fan remake in UE4