UDK content

Is it possible to get the content(assets) from UDK without installing UDK?


There are 3 things you might want to consider… :slight_smile:

  1. What makes you think UDK and UE4 assets are compatible? :rolleyes:
  2. What would that be good for? If you install UDK, you have the assets… Are you a member of the anti-installation league? :smiley:
  3. What makes you think the EULA for UDK would allow for such usage? :o


If you are thinking about using UDK’s free assets for a UE4 project you can forget about it.

If you’re talking about just UDK in general, no there’s no way to get just the assets from UDK without installing it.

You can actually use the UDK Assets if you want. It was posted in another forum. As far as getting those assets you have to get UDK and install it then export the assets by hand. There are a few here: Blender to UE4 using UE4 animations? - Animation - Unreal Engine Forums (which is also the post where the topic of using those assets is discussed). But I will point out that UDK assets are very different from UE4 assets and they may not work together like you’d expect. The skeletons are totally different so it’s not like you can take a UDK gun and give it to a UE4 character. It’s just as easy to make your own assets.

That’d be assuming / implying that he wanted to use them in a commercial product, of which he made no mention. Perhaps he simply wants to use them for learning purposes? There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m using them.

If you want them, simply install UDK and export them from within the editor. It won’t take long and you can remove it afterwards.

@Jacky - A member actually asked someone at Epic and they said it was OK to use UDK content in UE4. He wrote ‘I wrote to Epic Games 2 days ago to ask them if it was okay to use the UT3 animations in a commercial project in UE4 under a general UE4 licence, and they confirmed for me that it is allowed.’ I have no idea what that link is all about but if it is in fact the correct answer you guys need to get on the same page. Otherwise there’s a few people (not me) out there who think it’s OK to use UDK content in UE4.

Can you provide the link to that post please so that i can ask about it at AnswerHub for a final answer? And just to make it clear, i didnt want to give the impression that the OP is guilty of anything, i just wanted to save them the time and trouble if that was their intention depending on that answer by Canon Pence(who is one of Epic’s legal staff afaik.) :slight_smile:

Yes, I am absolutely in a learning mode. And some of the content in UDK would help me. I didn’t mean to get people in a frenzy or get their blood pressure up. Just wanted a couple of meshes from UDK.

@Jacky - the link is in the post you were responding to. It does concern the animations though and not the actual meshes.