UDK and UE4 running on Laptop

I know that a desktop or even a workstation pc is the way to go. No doubt about that. The thing is that i can not have PC right now, because i dont have the space for it, i need portability. So im planning on getting a Sager laptop with I7 4710MQ, Nvidia GTX 980M and 16GB of RAM. So i wanted to know if UDK and UE4 will run smoothly on it. I dont know if getting the new sager with desktop CPU cause of the heatin factor.

Please i need your help, Im new on the Unreal Engine community . Thanks for your time and your replys.

That should definitely be fine. I don’t recommend using a laptop that’s using a desktop processor though, they just aren’t designed for it. It would be an issue with things like battery power and heating. Laptops have enough issues with processors that are actually designed for them.

It depends. A system like that will run UE4 with not problems. I currently do my work with a Asus ROG with a 870M and 16 GB of RAM. With a GPU that you have listed, you are looking at the equivalent of a GTX 770 desktop. One thing to keep in mind os the cooling system in your laptop. Will it be able to hold up to the heat? The ROG has a separate system for the CPU and the GPU, and I was not able to find any info on it on the Sager site.