Udk ai zombie help

how do i make the zombie ai with health and with the attack anim??? in UDK?
and then you can send some programming lines for that or codes

I assume you were able to find, download, and install UDK? That’s good.

Next, you’re asking everyone to do a LOT of different and complicated tasks for you. No one is going to just hand you a zombie game.

What do you have so far? Is your game type built out from UTGameInfo? UDKGameInfo? Do you have a functioning AI Controller yet? If so, what does it do?

The pawns should keep track of health on their own. What about your zombie pawn’s health do you need to work on?

You want your zombie to have zombie-like animations? Do you have a zombie skeletal mesh? Do you already have animations for it?

You should probably make a new post for each task that you’re trying to accomplish, explain what you’ve done so far, and explain what part you need help with.

But to get you started, in case you haven’t already mastered all of these:

Pawns and Controllers: UDK | CharactersTechnicalGuide
Skeletal Meshes: UDK | SkeletalMeshHome
Animations: UDK | AnimTreeEditorUserGuide

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yeah so i need a script at all