UDK 4 , The next CGI movie tools?

Hi every ! Have a look about the next very low price mocap with UDK 4:

Could some one make a UDK 4 for movie production? :wink:
An UI for only
-Terrains creation
-Props importation
-Fbx characters importation
-Camera management
-Movie render

A single liscence at 500$ is on my budget range :slight_smile:

Well, UE4 can do all of the above and it only costs $20. Although the accompanying software you will need to get is a bit pricey.

Adobe Photoshop / Substance: Textures
3dsMax or Maya (blender is free): Modelling / Rigging
UE4 can do landscapes, or if you want something dedicated, then World Engine (or Terragen w/ export plugins)
Audio/Sound: I’m not a sound guy, but I use FL Studio for music, and Adobe something or another for sound effects
Adobe After Effects for adding in special effects (including the animations from the various sources)
Adobe Premiere: Put the sound with the video from AE, and compile it together.

edit: you can get the Adobe CC Cloud subscription for $50/month, and Maya LT for $30/month… so with everything, you’re looking at $100/month to do what you’re wanting to do.

FL Studio (if you want to make your own music) is $200. Or, if you want to be lazy and just use pre-recorded stuff, then look at Video CoPilot’s ProScores for $95

Thank you for your reply. But I think I misspoke , I thought about an interface like this:
Very simple and Only movie oriented.

3,000 euros for license? Seriously?

I thought Lumion was used in arch vis exclusively?

I wouldn’t say exclusively, but yes, Lumion is designed for ArchViz. It’s also designed for pre-rendered ArchViz, not Real-time.

Even still, you could use the programs that I mentioned in my post, and if you’re proficient enough with them, your results should look better than anything Lumion could produce.

Lumion is a pretty good archviz tool designed to avoid rendering time and create high quality presentation, since an average render in Lumion is about 7-8 seconds ( depends on the GPU ) while in Maya/Max it could take up to 40 minutes per frame…
Its focus is on lighting and materials and it does a good job, but thats it…

If you want character animation done properly, VFX or something more specific you should rely on Maya/Max and vRay/Mental Ray, then after the render is done process everything with final cut/after effects…

There closest thing you could you use to create a movie is a 3d software, so you can create the content ( actual meshes, textures, VFX, simulations, animations ) and create a video…the “create cool movie” button I don’t think its implemented in recent softwares yet :stuck_out_tongue: