UDK 2020 High Standard Assets


In order to maintain or aim for,a high standard in UDK,
we need a new Anatomie for the Models and a Better Resolution for the textures.

it will also boost your project.either it´s for your game or just for a demo reel.

This section is ONLY for “Triple a Assets”

-High Def. Models,as well “Animated”
-Advanced and,or Awesome Looking “Materials” optional
-Cinematic “Lut” (Look up Table)
-“RD-Textures” and,or “PBR-Textures” in 4-8k
*!! the “dpi” should be arround 100-500 *optional,you can assign them to a color profile,like Adobe 1998
-Customized,Great Looking"Particle System" *optional
-“Vehicles” avoid models with multiple Material slots *optional driveable!
-“A Scene” of yours,but with a certain Quality…

///// All this assets,Should be Packaged in a “upk. File”! /////

in order to save time for the artist
(Launching 3dsMax+converting it to FBX 2013+Smooth Groups+Export+Import in UDK).

:confused:…but you can also provide a link.

Don´t forget the the name of the source or the artist!!

**the 8k tweak:…192-8k-texture

Please,try to keep this section updated and make enough “Reuploads”.

Olive Tree set 1…922a48c240a1fb…71842a2ed4a78b…499d74313144c5

upk file:
3.76 GB folder on MEGA (copy,right click…,when the link isn´t working)

Cinematic LUT Package (including the famous “Matrix Green” Lut)
(Origin Unknown,Net)

upk file:

Arbor Vitae…k-scene-wip/p1

upk file:
UDK - Arbor Vitae *only with Donation!

-Procedural Tessallation+Displacement in 1 Material

-1 RDT set,Sand Footprints *dpi increased+color profiled…5x15_seamless/

upk file:…m423WetP15MPFw


upk file:…hQuyVb0VzubvAs


upk file:…gMDYJ3UeVfLqcM

Scene of the deluge…4caf8641980968

upk file:…V2Q9Nr05R9_HSQ

Надгробие четы Колпаченко, Всесвятское кладбище…53137a65cad601

upk file:…02YXqAX9IHMDTw

4 Custom Materials…ed-lighting/p1…p-antarctic/p1…ar-to-marmoset

upk files:…0NDjpEzG-w09C8

Translucent Shadow+Distorted Glass Material

i recreated and modified it from a UE4 video…
upk file::
2.63 MB folder on MEGA

Is this for free? :rolleyes:


it´s all about High Standard in UDK.

this video was hard to find…looks like…YES!

there are only few who are able to get the maximum+ out of UDK…

you,probably want to expand this little circle of people…Brawl PolyCount competition - 06/05/2011 - YouTube just take some nice inspiration out of it…Enviro_1_Final moved to DX11 (UDK, UE3). - YouTube UDK drives me sometimes crazy…UDK - Materials Collection - YouTube a nice enviroment…
UDK - The Waterfall - YouTube
travelling back in time when people were not so surficial…The Machine | Chris Zukowski Sci-Fi Cave Environment - YouTube lands…
UDK "Forbidden lands" Grass shader experimentations - YouTube lossless vs srbg? Blade & Soul Complete - UE3 vs UE4 (Character Creation) - PC - F2P - KR - YouTube glass…
- YouTube
the enviroment is a inportant part…
The Escape - 2085 - UDK - YouTube
looks like final fantasy 12…GStar 2009 - T.E.R.A The Exiled Realm of Arborea - YouTube from the past made more deeper games…D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die - Launch Trailer - YouTube great unusual game…
Furi - Announcement Trailer | PS4 - YouTube
this is also a masterpiece of a game…
Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 All Cutscenes (Remastered Collection) Game Movie 1080p HD - YouTube
is the best looking batman game serie on UDK…
BATMAN Arkham Knight [4K-60FPS] Full Movie All Cutscenes Story Superhero - YouTube
this game has a great concept…
In Verbis Virtus - Indiegogo Trailer 2 - YouTube
great cinematic…
INJUSTICE 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 - Joker (Story Mode) - YouTube
this artist shared also his material,with best regards…
Amazing UDK Demo PS4 XOne - Realtime Antarctic Scenery - YouTube
this game is also very underrated…
Angels Fall First: Battle of Mirnoide - YouTube
those guys made some amazing enviroment,go and get it before…
Arbor Vitae - UDK Scen
amazing work…
Taber Noble - Demo Reel - YouTube
like overwatch but older…
Battleborn - Reveal Trailer - YouTube
a must play and watch game…! well,for those who like fable…
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - No Commentary - YouTube
early demo of unreal 3
Unreal Engine 3 Early Demo - YouTube

there might be some others but not to find so easy.there is also a community on deviant art…however.
hope this gave some inpression about the power of UDK and to aim for a great quality,without having huge impact on the computer nor a source code…