udk 2009 beta issues

why i can’t open jazz jackrabbit ios kismet tutorial while it has one detial why it’s stop responding?

Because it is UDK and you opening it in ureal probably.

If you cannot open it in UDK that means you have cooked version of demo, get uncooked (if that ever was available to people).

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when this technical preview of final jazz jackrabbit for ios appeared?in 2012?I bet Unreal Development Kit Mobile from Apple Store isn’t required?

UDK != Unreal 4.

You cannot open demo from UDK with unreal 4.
You cannot open demo from UDK with UDK if that demo was cooked (ie. packaged)
However you can extract some assets, there are applications that do it, but i will not give you names or links.

So I need to know in which Unreal Engine Jazz Jackrabbit iOS kismet tutorial tech demo is made.Making maps in newer version I guess is more difficult than in earlier versions.I mean maps from Jazz Jackrabbit 3 3D.