UDK 1.0 (Newbie)

Hello. Can you give me the link for unreal engine 1? I’ve been browsing around for a half hour and could only find the latest version.

I’m new to UDK so I want to start off.

Unreal Engine 1 is not available for download. Currently what are available are UDK (Unreal Development Kit) which you can download from which is a version of Unreal Engine 3

But it’s recommended that you instead use Unreal Engine 4 (what these forums are for), as it’s the current version and old versions no longer get development.

Oh, ok thank you… but that links me to unreal 3, I’d like to get the 1.0. I cannot use the latest due to the system requirements.

You are not abel to download unreal engine 1.0 as it’s not “public” :wink:

O.o how old is your PC?

You could use a unreal 1 editor if you own the game?

Sounds like it is from 1999. :slight_smile:

Unreal Engine 1’s first release was in 1998, Unreal Engine 1 is not a “version”, it is a completely different piece of software, UE4 is what you should be getting.

Actually Unreal Development Kit was also known as Unreal Editor 3 so in that case it was related(only) to Unreal Engine 3.The latest version of this level editor was UDK 2015.

To get Unreal Editor 1 you have to buy(first)(last step install one of these games) for example Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament 1(Unreal Editor 2),Deus Ex first on or on Steam you can choose which game you want however you have to order Harry Potter online.Here you can find game lists of Unreal Engine 1(compatible) pc games and more: you’re interested in Unreal Development Kit you can check some tutorial documents, watch some tutorials on YouTube or even buy and read some books. I recommend you Unreal Engine 4 because there are lots of books,articles,documents, YouTube videos, online courses,blogs.