UDIM Virtual Textures display error when using Source Control

Having an issue when using virtual textures and source control. Using VT’s for UDIM’s works great locally. Once uploaded to Perforce and pulled onto a different system, the UDIM VT’s display incorrectly.

The Mask Textures used to define Roughness, Specular, Ambient Occlusion (typical Substance setup) displays as small tiles in place of the diffuse texture UDIM VT. It looks like small blocks glitching as the camera moves around the subject.

If we reload/reimport the textures the problem resolves itself, however we can’t expect everyone to reimport textures for assets using UDIM VT’s every time they pull new assets from source control.

It’s important to note that we are working remotely so our machines are not on the same network. Paths will be different per user depending on where their workspace was placed.

There is a similar post on the answer hub that provides some more information: