UDIM Virtual Texture error when using Source Control

We are using Virtual Textures to work with UDIMs, but have run into an issue.

We are using Subversion as source control, and when I setup the virtual textures on my project, and update the server, the person I’m working with sees it as a glitchy mess. And if the person I’m working with sets up the virtual textures, I see it as a glitchy mess.

The material used with the virtual texture ends up looking like weird, chopped up and glitchy textures, that change based on camera distance (probably the mipmaps).

I thought it had to do with the file paths not being the exact same between computers, but I reordered and renamed all my folders to match theirs exactly, and it still is glitchy.

Though, one thing to note: even though both of us are now using the file path D:[CompanyName]\Projects[ProjectName] etc… the source location for their imports in Unreal read “D:/[CompanyName]/Projects/ etc” while my imports read “…/…/…/…/…/…/[CompanyName]/Projects etc” So maybe that’s affecting it?

But I can’t be sure that’s even the problem, because Unreal usually imports things into the project as uassets, and the source becomes irrelevant (unlike video editing software for example).

As far as I can find in the documentation, the only way UDIMs are supported is by importing the file with the [Name].1001.png, [Name].1002.png, etc format, but there’s no way to turn existing textures/virtual textures into that format (which might help with the filepath thing, since they’d already be in the project, if that’s even what’s happening).

Does anyone happen to know what might be happening, or any potential way of fixing it?

I have this exact same problem.

I ahve UDIM setup on my character and it looks fantastic. As soon as someone pulls it down from Perforce, they get the glitchy effect showing up.

I also believe it has something to do with reading the textures from disk but the documentation does not list such a limitation.

Any clarification on the how to operate and use virtual textures/UDIM’s over source control would be very helpful!

Right now the solution is that everyone has to remap those directories, which is totally unacceptable for a production.

Enable “Virtual Texture support” on Project settings for all the users.
Alternatively, you can enable it once, and sync the Engine.ini file to the server so everyone can take updates.