Udemy Learn C++ With Unreal Engine 4 Course

Hey everyone! I was recently on Udemy when I noticed that it had a course dedicated to learning C++ with Unreal Engine 4. Has anyone actually tried out the course? Is it worth the price? I’m currently debating whether using the Udemy course to learn about the engine or to just learn by myself.

Thanks in advance!

One thing with Udemy, check for coupons first, you can normally find them to get any course for $15 regardless of the price.

Funny you bring that up, because I just found a coupon that makes the price $15 xD

Do you think the course would be worth the $15?

Someone I know has been following it and said that it’s good. I plan on following it eventually just to see if there’s some things I’ve missed while learning C++ over the last couple years or so (more than likely).

Definitely can rate it if you’re just starting out with C++, it breaks you in gently I think.

I just bought it but I am having an approached oriented to learning solid c++ first and then see the implementation in UE, so I’ll follow it at some later point for now I stick to books and online exercises.

If it’s a course by Ben Tristen then you can learn some of the necessary aspects of pure C++ too. One part of the course is about making a bull and cow game in pure c++, after that it will go into uE 4

Yeah, but how many examples can he bring on the table?

How much time can he go solving arrays, ecc. I just want to do stuff slowly but securely.

The course is more a “interwined learning experience”. ^^
You might not learn all there is to know but it familiarizes you with c++ and you will be able to make functioning programms.

If you want a course with a slower pace that you can use as a reference to quickly look up how to do things,
I recommend John Purcells free course “C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners” (18h)