Udemy courses recommended order for people with no c++ or unreal engine knowledge

I didn’t know anything about software development when I started with Unreal Engine c++ developer by I did learn in that course though, but by the 70th lecture it became too complicated for me as they would introduce new logic into the code without me really understanding why or how it works. I then bought “learn c++ for game development” by Stephen Ulibarri which is exactly what someone with no experience needs, because he literally takes a white board and shows you the flow of the code and why it does that, and then he shows you how to implement that code and the different ways that you can use it. He really does r/eli5. Because Stephen is a better teacher than you should take his courses first then go on to’s courses which get very complicated very fast, but now that you are experienced, it shouldn’t matter. Once you have a solid foundation of c++ move onto Stephen’s c++ unreal course and once you have finished that, you will have enough experience to keep up with courses. Same with the blueprints, take Stephen’s course first then move onto’s course.

1 Learn c++ for game development by Stephen Ulibarri

2 Unreal Engine c++ the ultimate game developer course by Stephen Ulibarri

3 Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games by

4 Unreal Engine- Blueprints the ultimate developer course by Stephen Ulibarri

5 Unreal Engine Blueprint game developer by

6 Math For Video Games: The Fastest Way To Get Smarter At Math by

After this course I would then take specific courses depending on what type of game I want to make like the multiplayer mastery or vr dev courses by or from anyone else.

Also, every week Udemy will sell you the courses for $12, just be patient.

I’m passionate about video games and I’d love to see people use their full potential to reach and hopefully develop a game and good career path. I’ve read many C for dummies books and the whole nine yards. And the truth of the matter is most of it is based on if your learn a language your a programmer now. Sadly,I learned if the heard way but in turn due to dedicated studied every aspect of computer science to sit here and say confidently yes I know what I’m doing. And if I needed to do something done and right I have a strong basis and wouldn’t rely on videos.

This comes from to me that games like apex you can spend over a thousand on skins which to me kids would eagerly want and still don’t own everything in the game and etc… Even as a adult like me was lured to that concept for people looking to gully people that right and a gamer and passionate one I find it totally un cool and professional. The end result is reliance learning and nothing where you can branch or truly know anything. With the concept of kids will go wild for it or hey even a adult. Therefore, I’m one always inclined to speak my mind and protect the gaming community

Especially when you could put that 150 hours on basically free college courses everywhere on the internet. No way!