UCX, UBX or is there another option

Hi there,

before I start to make a number of part of UCX Collisions that don’t give me unwanted results after importing them, I want to ask if there is an option in Unreal to import a extremly lowpoly version of the actor mesh as collison model like you could do it in Gamebryo (done in Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and so on).

From the form of the cliff I have to make probably 10 or more parts of UCX mesh primitivs to not get collision on areas where it shouldn’t be…but it seems a bit inefficient to me to build collision meshes like a puzzle splited in various parts. Is there a better way to do it for Unreal?

In this video you can see all ways how you can create a collision for the UE4:


“use complex as simple” was what I need. Do you know how this type of collision is affecting the performance?

What gets overlooked a lot is a simple blocking volume.

Easy to find under the “volumes” tab and as a choice would be my first go to as for simple collision as you can edit the volume like any other brush.

Another option that I use is to proxy the collision as a UCX to a simple object in 3ds and I expand it as needed based on what falls with in the volume. A good example of this is the need to keep the player inside the environment and since the world space is usually the first to be defined I make the collision as a single element with the idea that the player will never be allowed outside of the limits of the map. No more holes to fall through

You better do that directly in the static mesh editor -> with the 4.3 version you can modify the collision directly in the editor. So you could just choose the box collision in the static mesh editor and then just move/rotate it around :wink: