UCX Primitive limits?

Hi Guys,
Is there a limit on the amount of UCX primitives that can be imported per mesh? I have a house that I have built in blender
and there is a couple hundred UCX meshes but only 38 of them get imported…


Hi OddByte,

Can you post this to the AnswerHub in the “Bugs” section as well? I’m not aware of a hard limit on this but that doesn’t meant there isn’t one.

Once this is posted there we can assign this to one of our support staff to look into further. Once posted make sure to post a link here as well to help any others who may have the same question.

Thank you!


There isn’t a hardcoded limit. Most likely there is a problem with the .ucx file being imported. Perhaps you could look at it in a text editor, find the last object imported, and see if there is some bad text following it which breaks importing.

Ahem… my mistake, some of my ucx primitives were overlapping and some had a copy-paste name mistype… All good now Feeling embarresed :wink: