UCX not working on static meshes from Blender

I’m trying to import a made in blender stage incuding the stages collisions.
The problem starts with the collision business.
According to the tutorials the proper way is to simply name the collision model UCX_modelname and export them into UE4.


The problem is, this doesn’t work at all, since UE seems to totally not see the ucx. In4 I have disabled the One Convex Hull per UCX.


My export settings seem all normal, and work with exporting models.


Has anyone ever had this problem before? And if yes, do you know how to fix it?
And help would mean a milion.


I think the name of collision mesh is not correct. The rule is:

UCX_[RenderMeshName]_##. Where ## - index of collision mesh.

Yes. Prefix (UCX) and suffix (##) is mandatory.

Does this mean that it is mandatory to use prefixes in models?

Ok. Thanks a lot for your help