UCX Collision model position reset when 'Importing into Level'

Hi All,

Yet another question;

So, I’m importing an FBX scene file directly into my level so it imports directly where I want it. Within that scene I have given most of the walls etc collision models, some with more than others such as stairs which have a UCX model for each step, for instance. They are all named as they should be, as evidenced by the fact that they do import. When I open the individual models within the scene, they are there, but their positioning is entirely wrong. It’s like the UCX files have reset themselves. I tried x-forming the UCX models, but that didn’t work. They aren’t static/skeletal models, as they only appear when I click on view collision in the editor.

Just wondering if anyone might know the issue? I’ll use the stairs model as an example. It’s not the only mesh it happens to. I can do the collision manually in editor, but it just resets every time I reimport the FBX level, and it’s time consuming having to redo it every time.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance!