UCLASS() number line change error


I know there are some questions and even answers for this but it is all workarounds. The thing is everytime you somehow change the position where UCLASS() and these types of generated Macros are, you will get Intellisense error. If you create new class you will get something like first included image (sorry for vertical view). But since sometimes you need to do some forward declaration you need to write above the UCLASS(), moving it lower, basically just changing its line number and then picture 2 happens, screwing even the .cpp file (pic 3).

This is I believe Intellisense stuff, but why does it happen only since 4.15? Is IWYU cause of this?

The workaround is to Rescan whole solution which is stupid really cause it takes quite a time to parse and include everything or second workaround is to Build it in two different Solution Configurations. Isn’t there anything to get this working without these clunky workarounds? I am using Resharper so at least I can see members of classes but this is really tiresome.