UCLASS hideCategories

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i like to keep things as clean as possible for my custom actor classes so my UCLASS looks like this:

UCLASS(hideCategories = (Rendering, Replication, Input, Actor, Base, Collision, Shape, Transform))

It’s works fine for Rendering, Replication, Input, Actor and Collision but Transform, Shape, Physics and Base are still visible. So does anyone know why or have an idea on how to hide them?


I would like to know this too. Like TiGuy I’m trying to remove all clutter from my class, since all it’s going to contain that will be interesting to see or edit will be a very select few custom attributes.

Another thing I would like to know is if hideCategories is the way to go if I want to hide categories under the Defaults view in the Blueprint editor as well as the Details view?

Thanks in advance!

It seems that existing Blueprints that are based on a certain C++ class don’t update properly when you change that class’ [FONT=Courier New]UCLASS() annotation.

For example, I had created a Blueprint based on my class so I had something to work with, then I tried to customize it to work the way I wanted in the editor. But when it came to hiding categories, the changes were never picked up because the Blueprint had already been created, so the damage was done, so to speak. Once I deleted my Blueprint and made a new one based on the exact same class, all the categories I had hidden were gone. This works fine for me now:

[FONT=Courier New]hidecategories=(Rendering,Replication,Input,Actor)

Also, I don’t know if my fix is related to TiGuy’s problem; I just tried hiding Transform as well, and that didn’t seem to work, so maybe it needs to be there? My class will be [FONT=Courier New]notPlaceable so I won’t have to worry about the details view much, but I did want the Defaults view in the Blueprint editor to be clean.

Might wanna file a bug report on AnswerHub.

I can probably do that if you think it’s a bug. I can kind of understand why it is like that, but that doesn’t mean it’s intuitive.

Report filed here.

There were some HideCategories issues that were introduced in 4.1, but have since been resolved (slated for 4.2). That said, what specifically are you trying to hide? HideCategories has multiple effects… It can be used to hide a subset of blueprint functionality (making certain function nodes less available), and it can also aid in hiding certain properties.

I assume you’re wanting specific properties to be hidden from the details panel?

I resolved the issues I had with this for the time being, but TiGuy said in the original post:

Hey, so the good news it that this particular issue has been fixed in UE 4.20 :slight_smile:
At least, it works for Actors, having more issues with Components

Hi @SRombauts thanks for the info! However, I can’t find any reference about it in the 4.20 release note, are you referring to this fix:
Bug Fix: Fixed expand/collapse issues and performance issues for details customizations which were using external properties.”

That being said, you still cannot hide a lot of categories, for instance Physics, Collision, Transform, Component Tick…

Hey! Did you manage to hide Transform category?

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Guys! I finally managed to fix the issue

You have to set the components UPROPERTY to “VisibleDefaultsOnly”, in my case they were set to “VisibleAnywhere” :slight_smile:
(You still need that HideCategories specifier for your UCLASS tho)